What is Smartzi?

Smartzi is a pioneer company that professionally works in the field of Internet of Things. With the help of “Smartzi Hubs” and “Smartzi IoT Core” technology, organizations, businesses and individuals can easily supply their requirements among a variety of supported devices with different brands and different protocols.

What is the Internet of Things?

Internet of Things (IoT) refers to a concept which billions of physical devices around the world can be connected to the internet and send & receive data. Thus IoT is transforming our world to a smarter, more secure and more efficient one.

In which fields you can use Smartzi solutions?

Internet of Things involves in various and diverse fields. Smartzi concentrates on smart environmental solutions for commercial, organizational, industrial and residential complex buildings. In addition, the technologies and infrastructures which has been provided by Smartzi IoT core are suitable for smart city projects too.

How does Smartzi help you?

Integrated Solutions

For a complete IoT solution several technologies, protocols and brands should be integrated. With the help of Smartzi, You can just focus on your requirements!

Easy and Quick Installation

In Smartzi we seek to make installation and launch of IoT solutions as simple as possible. As a result, the end-user or a general technician can easily install and launch Smartzi solutions.

Smartzi Support Team

The Smartzi support team will be behind you all the way, from selection and purchase to installation, launch and using the IoT solutions. Just try it!

Lower Costs

Using Same Infrastructure For Different Services in Addition to Plug & Play Installation reduces costs significantly.

Smartzi IoT Infrastructure

Smartzi IoT Infrastructure is Also Suitable for Smart City and Smart Industry Projects.

If you’re looking for IoT and smart solutions, speak with one of our professional team members today.