Smartzi unveils its AI Assistant: Ezi!

At the GITEX2022, Smartzi officially unveiled its AI assistant named Ezi.

Smartzi is a startup that provides an Integrated IoT Experience. It supports hundreds of devices with different brands and protocols and lets users bind all their devices (IKEA, Philips, Xiaomi, etc.) to work together. Specifically, integrating long-range networks besides the short-range ones makes Smartzi scalable even to vast buildings. But this is not the whole story!

These days, Smartzi has taken a new step in smart home technology by unveiling its dog-faced AI assistant: Ezi.

Who is Ezi?

Ezi is the AI assistant of the Smartzi smart home application that provides real-time and personalized suggestions for users to manage their smart home better, save more energy, and ultimately reduce costs.



Smartzi stated, “Now and after integrating different devices, IoT is more than just some connected things! Ezi, our AI assistant, helps you maximize the benefits of your devices.”

These are some examples of Ezi’s suggestions:

  • By constantly watching the motion sensors, Ezi suggests that the user turn off the lights in empty areas and readjust the HVAC to reduce energy consumption.
  • Considering the pre-defined electricity consumption limits for each area, Ezi warns the user about reaching the consumption limit so that the user can manage his electricity bill by turning off additional lights and appliances.
  • Ezi suggests opening the curtains at dawn and closing them at dusk every day. This way, the residents can use the maximum natural sunlight and save more energy.

According to Smartzi’s statement, this is the beginning of Ezi’s path, and working on its development will be one of Smartzi’s primary activities in the future.